The WeatherGrid System is Redundantly Redundant. Our Primary tools are On Site and not dependent on the Internet, and single source or third parties. Hardware is “off the shelf” and just as accessible to the Client as it is to us, so we are not cornered into relying on single source or proprietary parts. We use network and web based 2-way communication for Remote Management and Monitoring to each on site system, all instruments, all the way down to the alarms. We see exactly what each Client sees. We log and back up all data for for review. The result is unprecedented storm mapping and storm tracking capabilities.

To view the data, click the image. Data in the window is updated every minute.

If the Lightning data is not visible, you will need to download Sun's Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.4.6 or newer.


What is WeatherGrid?


The WeatherGrid Networking System consists of a single Web Server with three or more external nodes connected via the Internet. Each node is a customized StormGrid Weather Mapping Module at a specific location. Clients with real-time safety concerns will choose to have a StormGrid on-site which contributes data to the WeatherGrid Network. Subscribers will have access to the weather information by logging into the WeatherGrid Network Web Server using their favorite browser.

The WeatherGrid Networking System has the following features:

The Goal

The Weather Grid is currently active and expanding throughout the Mid-Atlantic Corridor. Cost Saving System's goal is to provide a subscription based network that gives the end-user the information required to know when to seek shelter from a storm and prepare for the arrival of severe weather. The primary goal is safety with the ability to customize data for a variety of applications including environmental, agricultural, industrial and mission critical. Each StormGrid Module and WeatherGrid Subscription is specifically designed around the customer’s needs.

Ring Legend

Gray Rings

Range Rings. Set up in nautical mile increments.

Inner Ring

Outer range of lightning prediction system.

Inner Filled Ring

Inner range of lightning prediction system.

Lightning Predictor Colors


Red Alert | Severe weather and/or electrical storm activity is extremely high in the enclosed region.


Warning | Indicates that electrical storm energy is migrating and shifting into the enclosed region.


Caution | The presence of electrostatic energy has increased within the total enclosed region being monitored.


All Clear | There is no storm activity in the region being monitored.

When the inner ring is red, electrical activity is coming near the location of the sensor. This electrical activity may pass by, or it may come directly over the sensor. Whenever this ring is red, be aware that electrical activity is nearby.

Impending Danger

The inner filled ring is the ring that you should pay the most attention to, as it shows when lightning activity is extremely likely in your immediate vicinity. When the inner filled ring is red, electrical activity is almost certainly occurring in that area. If you are within the range of the inner filled ring, remain indoors until the ring is out of Red Alert.

Tutorial Image 1

Demo Image #1

This image shows that there is lightning northwest of your location. The two green rings in the center let you know that there is no immediate danger within 15 miles of your location.

Tutorial Image 2

Demo Image #2

The lightning in the northwest has moved closer to your immediate location. The white rings in the center let you know that the electrical activity in your area is elevated, and that you should use you’re your own discretion when going outside.

Tutorial Image 3

Demo Image #3

The lightning from the northwest is moving ever closer to your location. The red inner ring shows that the probability of lightning within 15 miles of your location is high. The innermost ring, filled yellow, lets you know that the danger level within 3 miles of your location is elevated, but lightning is not yet imminent.

Tutorial Image 4

Demo Image #4

The incoming lightning has moved into your immediate location. Both sets of inner rings are red, letting you know that lightning is liable to be occurring within 3 miles of your location within 15 minutes.

Weather Data

WeatherGrid displays a wealth of data.

Current Weather Data

Today's and Yesterday's Weather Data

Packages & Pricing

All systems are customized and priced for your particular needs and application. Please e-mail or call to discuss further details, and to receive a monthly subscription quote.

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