Impending Danger

The inner filled ring is the ring that you should pay the most attention to, as it shows when severe weather potential activity is extremely likely in your immediate vicinity. When the inner filled ring is red, electrical activity is almost certainly occurring in that area. If you are within the range of the inner filled ring, seek shelter and remain until the ring is out of Red Alert.

Ring Legend

Gray Rings
Range Rings, set up in nautical mile increments.

Inner Ring
Outer range of lightning prediction system.

Inner Filled Ring
Inner range of lightning prediction system.

hazardous weather potential

* Where static electric field sensors are enabled.

Red Ring
Red Alert // Severe weather is extremely high in the enclosed region.

Yellow Ring
Warning // Indicates that severe weather potential energy is migrating into the enclosed region.

White Ring
Caution // The presence of severe weather potential energy has increased within the total enclosed region being monitored.

Green Ring
All Clear // There is little or no severe weather potential. in the region being monitored.

Whenever the inner ring is red, be aware that the potential for severe weather activity in the area being monitored is extremely high.

* Available as an upgrade.

Lightning Detection

* Where electro-magnetic sensors are enabled.

Red Point
Lightning strike within the last minute

Yellow Point
Lightning strike within the last 2-5 minutes

White Point
Lightning strike within the last 5-8 minutes

Black Point
Lightning strike within the last 8-10 minutes

* Available as an upgrade.

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